Friday, April 1, 2011

A Journal from the Mayflower

Day 1
Today I woke up in the morning on 8/5/1620 and today I was going to ride the mayflower to the new world and a boat called the speedwell is going to follow us. So when I was ready I went outside and stepped on board the mayflower. I was on the boat it was in the afternoon and I was looking way out in the ocean to see if I could see anything but no land I could just see water way out. After a while it was time to eat lunch there was not very much food but it was enough to fill me up I was to full to eat one more bite. It was noon and the sun was going down then we had dinner I was still a little bit full from lunch still but I could eat a little bit of food. Right after dinner I went to get ready for bed and the ship was rocking back and forth I did not think I would be able to sleep tonight

Day 2
I woke up on the ship I only got like five hours of sleep because the ship made me feel sick and when I woke up I went outside to see if I could see anything and when I looked not even a rock was in sight I knew that it was going to take a lot more than two days to get to land. There were not very much kids on the boat just a couple baby’s and like 34 kids on the boat. I went to the table to get breakfast and there was a lot of food that I liked and I ate a lot but then I got full. I was lying in my bed it was kind of hard but a sleeping all they had for lunch was fish but I liked some kinds of fish so I ate a little bit. Then I went to the front of the boat to look but still just water as far as I could see. When it was dinner there was still some left over fish and some other stuff that I ate. Then like always I got ready for bed after dinner was over and got into bed and went to bed. On my bed the ship was still rocking a couple people had little soft with all the blanket on and when I was laying some fish that people had caught earlier when I was

9/5/1620Day 3
I woke up in the morning yawned then I got dressed and went outside today I wanted to meet the captain in the captain room were you drive the boat. I wish the boat could go faster but I do not think the captain can drive the boat any faster. I was walking to the captain’s room and I saw the captain I asked him what his name was and he said Christopher Pringle. And then I asked him if I could see how to drive the boat and he showed me how to make it turn then he took me outside and showed me how to put the sails down witch I already knew how to put the sails down you have to pull the string that is holding the sails up then the sails catch the wind and that is how to make the ship move. Then I told him that I had to go because it was time for breakfast so I left. When I got to the table everything was eaten I knew I was too late so I did not get anything to eat then I waited for lunch cause I was so hungry I could eat a giant house of bricks. When it was lunch I ran to the table and ate a lot until I was stuffed I was so full I did not think I could eat dinner. So when it was dinner I just laid in bed cause I was to full to eat. And then I was not that full any more so I got ready for bed.

Day 4
I was sleeping when I heard a everyone came and looked on the side the boat tipped a little but not too much when everyone looked the speedwell had a leak so the speedwell had to go back to England. After the speedwell went back I wondered if the mayflower was going to get a leak and have to travel all the way back to England. Sometimes there are things that happen that are worse than a leak like kids playing with matches than they light gunpowder on fire with the matches and then everyone dies and the mayflower sinks to the bottom of the ocean. People dying is even worse than someones fish dying.

Day 5
After the speedwell got a leak and went back to England everyone wondered if the may flower would have to go back to England but it had past five days sense they had been back at England and they could not turn back right now after how far the mayflower had gotten it had been one day sense the speedwell went back to England. On the boat they did not have much food all they could do is stop the boat and catch fish if they did not stop the boat a fish would not be able to grab the hook and all they had to drink was beer.

Everyone on the ship was asking me to ask the captain how much longer it would take to get to the new world so I went into the captains room to ask the captain how many day’s did he thinked it was going to take to get to the new world and he said it would take about five more days to get to the new world then I went back and told everyone that he said that it would take about five more days to get to the new world.

Day 6
When I woke up I was still the only one that did not throw up on the ship but the captain did not throw up either. I was getting board on the ship there was nothing to do for four more days so I just wondered around the ship the ship was a little crowded so I could not see much but I saw some stuff like bed rooms the kitchen. I asked the captain if the ship could go any faster but he said only if there was more wind so then I ate lunch. Then I went back in my room there were like three other kids in my room so I sat on my bed reading a book about boat till dinner so then I ate dinner then like always got ready for bed.

Day 7
I woke up in the morning went to eat breakfast I was a little bit tired and sleepy cause last night I counted how many words I wrote in my journal I counted up 1,204 I counted up the numbers because I was board with nothing to do for ten day’s but it has almost past ten day’s I have only been on the boat for seven day’s it was almost lunch so I started to walk to lunch then I ate. Then did nothing till dinner then ate it felt like every day was the same eat dinner get ready for bed then go to sleep.

Day 8
I woke up on day 8 on the rocking boat that made everybody throw up. But I never threw up in the water of in a bucket. If I threw up in the water a fish would eat it and die.
And the fish would get eaten by a whale a whale is big enough to swallow one thousand fish. So then I at lunch still fish for lunch they did not have much food on the boat mainly just fish so all I had to eat was fish. Then I do nothing for a couple of hours some people on the ship can’t tell time but I can and the captain so after a couple of hours I did nothing then I ate dinner every day on the mayflower was the same then I got ready for bed I always wondered if the speedwell was more fun than the mayflower.

Day 9
I woke up I was so tired of the boat I could never get to sleep with all the rocking. It was day nine and the captain said like four days ago we would get there in five day’s do it would be one more day until we get there and I did not always have look at the front of the boat because there was a guy that was up high and would say land ho when there was land so I just look to see if I can see land but I never do but tomorrow I might see land so I ate lunch I was never hungry enough to eat breakfast so I skipped breakfast so I ate lunch and then wrote in my journal till dinner then got ready for bed.

Day 10
I was sleeping when I heard land ho the guy shouted I got dressed and ran out and looked I saw land about ten minutes away and I waited when we got there everybody was so excited to get of that boat so everybody ran off the boat and know body knew what to name the island everybody just looked around and was happy to be off the mayflower cause it got everybody sick so that we had breakfast lunch and dinner there and then we built shelter to sleep in for the night.


  1. Jacob, your writing is amazing. You must have a great teacher:) Keep up the good work!
    Love, Aunt Cheryl

  2. Jacob... GRADE 3! Wow. I liked the "monotony" that you focused on here in the righting. Eating, sleeping, wondering. Not much else to do on the Mayflower. I imagine it was pretty stinky too. Very nice job.

  3. You did a great job on your Mayflower journal, Jacob! I felt like I was right there with you.



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