Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Boy in a Mirror.

Before me stands a boy who at first glance is regular enough:

not buff or stocky but trim and agile-looking.

His red wavy hair is about two inch long.

When looking more closely however,I see a face which is different from any other.

His eyes twinkle mischievously.

A scar runs down from the ridge of his nose to the back of his chin

and another small scar on his chin.

Freckles are visible on his slightly tanned face.

He looks very suave.

Random Things In My Room.

This wordsmith assignment is: too take a picture portrait,
point it at a part of my room, and describe everything I see inside of it.
So here goes something!

A basket ball squats on top of a multicolored-checkered blanket.

Hanging limply, clothes sway back and forth from hangers.

Two yellow and black roller-skates lean against each-other,
too weak to stand.

An air-soft gun, sitting on a chair, eagerly awaits someone who will use it,
while a bottle full of BB's, peeking out from behind a rusty can,
hopes not to be seen.

An open music book and a uncovered piano give the impression that
someone has used them recently.

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