Monday, November 30, 2009

A Servant's Plan

As I was preparing dinner for the master, I overheard him and his son having a little dispute over his son’s part of the wealth. “I want my money, Father, because I am tired of following the rules of this home. Mom’s gone, and there’s no reason for me to stay, so give me my part of the wealth and I can finally leave.”

While I was hearing these harsh words come from Meshach, I was about to walk out when all of a sudden the master had a few words to say, causing me to drop the trays. “You have everything that other people don’t have, you have been truly blessed.” As the master was saying all of these things, he handed Meshach the money. As this was happening, my heart was said, and I did not know what to say. I saw Meshach leave, and the master stood on the front step with tears in his eyes. I was standing behind the master in disbelief.

Many months passed and many seasons, and Meshach still had not returned. You should have seen the master. It was like all life had been sucked from him. Things were not the same, and food was not eaten. “This is a waste of my hard work,” I thought to myself.

Later on that day as I was attending to my daily cleaning, Obadiah, the other son, approached his father in a very candid way saying, “Why do you waste your time waiting up night after night for a person who wants nothing to do with us any longer?” When he made that comment, I ran out there trying to stop what he was saying before it got too far.

Obadiah stormed away in jealousy and rage. Meanwhile, I had to go by the market and pick up a few items before sunset. On the way to the market, I silently prayed to God that He would bring Meshach back to his father. I continued to walk up the dusty road where there were other markets and alleyways with many areas that had parks and farms. Continuing on the road near the market, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar face. “My golly, it’s Meshach,” I thought as I approached him. I held him in a minor conversation and added that his father had not been the same since his departure. It was a really heart-felt moment for the both of us, and Meshach specifically told me that it felt like he could never come back. I told him to please come back home, and after that I went on.

As the season passed, I was out in the garden telling Master how the harvest was going, but I did not want him to know what I saw. Attending to my gardening, I looked up and saw a stranger walking up the dusty road. Come to find out it was Meshach. I stopped what I was doing and ran to tell the master.

As the news got to him, he told me to go and get the finest silk robe and kill the fattened calf. His son had returned. “On this day,” he said, “we celebrate his return.” The master welcomed him with opened arms like nothing ever happened.


  1. What a great retelling of the Prodigal Son story.

  2. You did a great job with this piece, Travis! It made a story I've heard many times come alive. I especially liked the part about the servant being the one to plead with the son and get him to finally come home. That could certainly have happened. Keep up the great writing!

  3. Nicely done - a great twin to the Profigal Son! Keep writing - you are doing well!



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