Monday, November 30, 2009

The Perfect Plan

One day there lived an African-American named Brahma. She lived on this small plantation in the state of Georgia, but she was controlled by white people. She was not the only black person on the plantation. Brahma and the other African-American people were considered as slaves. The white people were considered as slave master.

One day, Brahma walked into the room where the slaves were kept. “I am sick and tired of being treated like this. I think we should pick a day out of this week and try to escape,” announced Brahma.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” admitted MamaDou.

All the other slaves were afraid to talk bcasue of what the slave maters would do to them. So Brahma and MamaDou sat down and made up a plan on how they were going to escape the next night. Even thought the other slaves were not saying anything, they were still willing to escape with Brahma and MamaDou. The next day arrived, and the slaves had to get up and pick cotton.

“Yo, Brahma, why do you want to make the escape tonight when it is supposed to rain?” asked MamaDou.

“This would be considered the best time because the dogs would not be able to track our scent,” replied Brahma.

“That’s a good idea,” commented MamaDou.

The afternoon arrived and the slaves were eating their lunches, which were not every good. Some of the slaves were hiding bread so they would have something to eat the next day of their escape.

Midnight came and the time had come for the slaves to escape. It was raining hard and MamaDou did not agree with Brahma about leaving while it was raining.

“I am not sure about this Brahma. I have a really funny feeling,” admitted MamaDou.

“Would you please stop crying because if we want to make a change, it has to happen now. This could be our first and last chance of trying to escape,” announced Brahma.

So they all lay down to pretend like they were sleeping for the last check up of the night by the slave masters. As soon as the slave master left after the last check up, Brahma peeked her head out to make sure they were gone. Then they all gathered their belongings and left the plantation. While they were leaving, they took off north through the pouring rain. All the slaves did not leave. Some stayed so it would not look suspicious to the slave master that the slaves had escaped. They were a mile away from the plantation. They heard dogs so they knew they were being chased.

“I thought the dogs would not be able to smell our scent through the rain,” commented MamaDou.

“They cannot. The slave masters just know which direction we are going, so they send the dogs off in that direction. The dogs are very well trained and know when to turn around because if they go far, they would not be able to track their way back to the plantation,” replied Brahma.

When Brahma was little her mother taught her all the things she needed to know about escaping. She also had to memorize this path that would lead them through the tunnel to the church.

The slaves were getting tired of running, so they decided to try and hide, but there was no need to because the sound of the dogs was fading away.

“I think the dogs turned around to go back to the plantation,” whispered Brahma.

Everyone was relieved when they heard the news. “I guess you were right,” admitted MamaDou.

They were all getting tired, but Brahma was encouraging others by saying, “Hard work pays off. Keep it moving, everyone.” As they were arriving at the tunnel that lead to their destination, they saw a white man named Jason standing there with a gun.

“Don’t worry, I am with you all. You may enter into the tunnel. You better hurry before someone else sees you all,” commented Jason.

“Thank you so much,” replied Brahma. They all walked through the tunnel and made it to their destination safely which was a church. In this church, they had a place to sleep, food to eat, and nothing to worry about at that moment.


  1. Wow, this was an exciting story! And it had a happy ending, which is always good in my opinion. That period of history was a very dark one, but God has caused many good things to come out of it. Keep up your great writing!

  2. What what a story! You kept my attention to the end. I hope some day to see a book with your name on it! Nancy Pierce



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